Overcast Software

Meet Overcast

We build custom solutions in the cloud


  • Full stack engineers

    We are a small but efficient team with a broad skillset focused on solving problems for our clients.

  • We use open source software

    Whenever possible, we build our solutions using open source software and frameworks. This reduces development time and cost for our clients.

  • We the cloud

    We build scalable and affordable solutions on cloud infrastructure, which enables us to minimize development time and cost.


Overcast Software specializes in custom solutions for the web.We develop custom cloud software, complex integrations, data visualizations, web front-ends, back-ends and everything in between.

In addition to software development services, we have access to highly qualified graphic designers which can be contracted on a per-project basis.

We provide consulting and advice to our clients, making sure that they choose the best possible solution available that fits their needs.

If you're not sure we're the right people for the job, feel free to contact us for a discussion about your project or a quote.

The team

  • CreateIT

    Arnar Tumi Þorsteinsson

    Founder & Developer
  • kripalser

    Kjartan Sverrisson

    Founder & CEO
  • themeforest

    Sævar Öfjörð Magnússon

    Founder & Developer
  • themeforest

    Einar Jónsson

    Partner & Developer

Some of our clients

  • Pipar/TBWA
  • Ratsjá
  • EnnEmm
  • Samgöngustofa
  • Síminn
  • Isavia
  • Nýherji
  • Mariconnect

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