Resource park

HS Orka operates two power plants at Svartsengi and in Reykjanes. Their core operations have been in the production of electricity and hot water. Excess resource streams have been used by an incredibly varied range of businesses, such as the Blue Lagoon, cosmetics manufacturers, biotechnology companies and aquaculture. More than 500 jobs can be directly attributed to HS Orka’s Resource Park, in addition to other derived jobs.

Design and layout


The Resource Park website is the second site we made for HS Orka. The purpose was to illustrate with videos, pictures, graphs and maps how various industries in the southern peninsula of Iceland generate valuable resources for other companies in the area. Electricity and geo-thermal steam being at the core of each company in one way or the other. 

The site is in two languages and contains massive amount of content which is presented and managed using Wagtail's superb content management tools.

Design: H:N Markaðssamskipti