What are the key elements for creating a great news website? Simple and fast CMS that is tailored to fit the needs of the reporters, making it very easy to add new content, but at the same time allows for great flexibility both in content creation as well as layouting. These were our key motivations when making the new website for Kjarninn.

Design and layout





When the great people at Kjarninn approached us regarding a new website, we were very interested. They were looking for "something different", which is exactly what we love! The main requirements were that it would be easy for the journalists to add new content fast, with simple to use editor and powerful image collection. At the same time the new website needed to be very flexible to allow for many types of content, including Long-read articles and articles with live connection that would automatically update when new content was available. The frontpage also needed to be very flexible, allowing the editors to change the layout on the fly, giving some stories more focus than others.  The current website was made in Wordpress with a high number of plugins that made maintenance and changes very hard.

We saw right away that Wagtail would suit this project perfectly. Articles can be created fast using a simple article form, while long-read articles can be created using a custom StreamField form, that allows the editor to "build" the article out of small building blocks including paragraphs, image collections, videos and much, much more.

During the design and launch face of Kjarninn.is Overcast met our crazy dream and made it a reality. Overcast's flexibility and readyness has amazed us ever since.

Birgir Þór Harðarson
Webmaster / Journalist

2 different content blocks with multiple articles attached

The frontpage works in a similar way to a long-read article. It contains multiple building blocks that fit together like legos and allow the editor to add, remove or move blocks around the page as he/she likes. Each block has an article selector that fills it with the desired content. Creating new blocks requires minimal programming which allows their technical team to do it themselves.