In the ever changing media landscape organising your work and keeping track of data takes up more and more of the planner's time. New platforms require focus on real time data and the need for easy access to relevant information comes vital in building trust between an agency and a client.

Complete and multiple output

Big clients have needs that cross many media platforms, brands, sub brands and often involve people working from different workstations on the same project. To meet those demands we need to be able to provide overview on all of their media work and without days to prepare it.






Quick editing of large plans

Our easy spreadsheet-like planning interface saves you time and money.

  • Familiar spreadsheet-like interface, copy and paste lines and navigate with your keyboard, totals are calculated as-you-type.
  • Use templates to speed up your workflow: Our template interface allows you to define generic media buying preferences. Use the templates to quickly plan large campaigns over a range of media.

airdate the grid

Great overview

Having a hard time getting an overview of your campaign? We provide you with multiple different views designed both for high level overview and down to single hour. All to make your work easier! We have among other:

  • Filterable list view: Get a list of all events in the campaign, filter them by medium, medium type, title etc.
  • Calendar view: List up all events by day for better visualization of where coverage is insufficient. Break it down by month, week or day.
  • Gantt view: Get a look of your campaign broken down to media over time for better overview of distribution.

airdate the calendar

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